Thursday, December 8, 2016

USMS 3000 and 6000 yard e-postals - Oct 28th and Nov 1st, 2016.

The last 2 postal swims are the 3000 and 6000 yard swims. Same idea as the previous two, except these are done in a short course pool. Harry timed me again and this time I had a better idea of how fast I could go and how long it would take to complete. I did the 3000 yard swim first this time and really pushed a bit the first and last 1000 yards. This swim went really well I think. I hung around for practice afterward, just in case any of my teammates wanted to participate in the postal. No takers. I think next year I'm gonna try to promote them a bit more within RAM. Some other LMSC's have a lot more people doing them. I know several teammates who would do pretty well in most/all of the postal swims, so it'd be nice to increase participation a bit and see how everyone does.

Below is my split sheet from the 3000.
3000 yard postal split sheet.

The 6000 yard postal was rough. Only a few days separated my 3000 and 6000 postal swims, which may be part of the reason this one sucked a bit more. I was definitely tired, and quite honestly, just wanted to get it over with. My time ended up not being terrible, but was a bit slower than I know I'm capable of.  I was just glad to have it done. I definitely don't want to do them that close together again. Below are my split sheets for the 6000 yd postal.

6000 yard postal split sheet, page 1.

6000 yard postal split sheet, page 2.

After chatting with Mark a bit after Saturday practice, I learned a bit more about relays, and that he thankfully included me on some. I decided to put a relay together with the three fastest 3000 swims for NCMS. I got a hold of the other two ladies and they both said they were cool with it, so I went ahead and entered us (Thanks Anne and Debbie)! We are in the 25+ age group because of me, the other two ladies are 45+ and 55+, but they didn't mind. Hopefully we end up doing well in that category. SFTL is gonna be tough to beat, they have a lot of fast swimmers. More motivation to increase involvement next year. Lets got 2017!

The preliminary results were posted today (11/8/16) and, as of right now, I'm 2nd out of 24 for the 3000 and 3rd out of 10 for the 6000 in the 30-34 age group. Not too shabby. We'll see if those end up being final in a couple weeks. No word yet on relay results.

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