Saturday, November 5, 2016

Triangle Open Water Series Championship - 10/11/15

This morning was the rescheduled Triangle Open Water Series Championship at Jordan Lake. As of Friday, the water temperature was 73 degrees.

So, lets go back to Saturday (yesterday). I went to RAM practice because I wanted to get some kind of workout in. Practice went okay. I'm still technically recovering from IMCHOO, so I can't feel too bad about being slow and not wanting to push all that hard. But, lets face it, not being able to make an interval is still discouraging. Swam about an hour, 3000 yards, and got out. I had a quick breakfast with some teammates then went home so Chris could start working on my car. Yes, my car has another problem, sigh. Anyway, at this point I decide to look for my wetsuit. I couldn't remember unpacking it when I got back from Chattanooga, but I know I didn't bring it down to the race in my morning clothes bag because the swim was wetsuit optional and I didn't feel like carrying it for no reason. I looked everywhere. Nothing! I check my car again, nada. Fan-fricking-tastic. I called DeGaulle to see if maybe he grabbed it from the room. Nope. I do a quick Facebook post tagging all my teammates that went with us asking if they had seen it. No luck. On the way to meet up with John for lunch, I called the Courtyard and ask if they found one in either of the rooms. They returned my call while we were eating and left a message. They have it!! Relief! Unfortunately for me, I won't have it for the race in the morning. Luckily though, Fred was in Chattanooga for Swim the Suck and he was able to stop by the hotel and pick it up for me. He's awesome!

Now, back to the swim. no wetsuit. Air temp is in the mid 50's, water temperature at the surface is around 70 degrees (give or take a few). It's breezy. I'm in a sweatshirt and pants and I'm freezing. Stupid me thinks the water will feel warm compared to the air, HA! Not warm enough. Damnit! Preston had come out to cheer me and a few friends on, and Chris had to get up to take m out to the Lake since my car still wasn't done, so right there I'm accountable for doing this race. I also know I'm close to and overall series award (top 3), right now I'm fourth. I'm probably the most annoying person with all the whining I was doing while getting in the water, but I got in. It's so cold. Start the damn race already! "30 seconds" can't go by fast enough. The first 5 minutes or so were the worst from a temperature standpoint. From the start to the first buoy was into the chop and I mistakenly started sighting a kayaker instead of a buoy. Oh well, I fix that easy enough, but prob added a min or two to my time in the meantime. Not having a wetsuit when everyone (almost) else is wearing one is a bit of a disadvantage. Oh well. Just getting through it at that point. Halfway to the turn buoy I start getting stomach cramps. Awesome. I just breathe and focus on my stroke. Eventually it subsides sometime after I make the turn. The race seems to take forever. Ugh. Sighting into the sun for the next turn sucks, but eventually I make it and start the home stretch. I don't remember much about the final leg except that I tried to pick up the pace. Finally, I run through the timing mat. Time is somewhere around 32.5 and 33 minutes. Not great but not bad. Air doesn't feel quite so cold now, but I got my towel and changed into dry clothes right away anyway. Both robes I brought are so warm, really glad I packed them. Eventually as my body temp comes down I start getting cold again. At least I don't have to go back into the water. Check the results...Third overall female  for this 1.2 mile race. It still wasn't enough to get me a top 3 overall series finish, but 4th place isn't bad. In the end, aside from swallowing lake water, being cold, and having a headache, I'm glad I did it and that it's over. In other news, I'm considering doing Swim the Suck with Tom and some others next year. A 10 mile swim in the river, no wetsuit. We'll see. Pictures below courtesy of Tom Beck.

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