Saturday, November 5, 2016

WDW Dark Side Challenge - April 16-17 2016

The Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side Challenge in Disney World was a good time! The Challenge consisted of doing a 10K on Saturday, followed by a Half Marathon on Sunday. I was able to get in a good bit of training before hand, and felt good about going for a time in the 10K. I wasn't quite trained up to a half marathon yet, so I took that race as a fun photo opportunity. The plan worked pretty well. I PR'd in my 10K and had a lot of fun in the half marathon. Even though my overall half time and pace was pretty slow, the moving time and pace was very quick for me. See the images below. The only "bad" thing about the races was just that they were at a bad time in my training for swim nationals and I had to try to fit in swim workouts in odd-distance pools while trying to do all the race activities. It was a lot, but it was pretty fun.

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