Saturday, November 5, 2016

WDW Marathon - 1/10/16

Well, training for the Disney World marathon didn't go exactly as planned. I had laid out a training plan for post Ironman to Marathon, but it all fell apart after I hurt my back. I lost all motivation to run. I didn't run as much or as often as I should have in the weeks leading up to the marathon, and I was really dreading doing it. I had originally thought maybe I could beat my Ironman marathon time, since it's a fairly flat course and I wouldn't have done all the swimming and biking before hand, but once my training fell apart, it was apparent that I wouldn't be setting any PR's (although technically it will be because it'll be my first "marathon." 

I was able to get up to 13 miles before going home for Christmas, but running 2 days a week is less than ideal. I had been swimming when I could, more because I like it more and am better at it than anything else. Getting ready for swim nationals will take a front seat now that the marathon is behind me, but back to that now.

I knew it would hurt, I was just hoping I wouldn't injure myself. Since I had a stress "reaction" last January, I didn't want that to happen again. The first half of the marathon wasn't terrible, but it was uncomfortable. The second half was progressively painful and I couldn't wait to finish. I took Base Salt every water station, walking through the station. After mile 15 I stopped at every mile marker to take a picture in front of it, an excuse to walk a little extra. ESPN was where I really started to feel the pain in my knee. That damn tightness in the back of my knee that just plain sucks. Going up the little bridge before entering the Boardwalk, I almost fell over when the back of my knee buckled. I thought for sure I'd have to walk the last 2.5 miles of the race. Somehow I was able to walk/run the rest of the race, finishing in just under 5:30, though my Garmin said I went almost .5 miles over the 26.2, so I'm going with a few minutes faster than that. I'm glad I did it, but I really don't think I want to do another, at least not unless I'm able to train sufficiently for it. The exception will be if I do another Ironman, because I didn't hurt as bad or for as long after that race as I did after this one. Let that sink in for a minute. I'll probably end up doing another marathon at some point, knowing me, but at this time I really have no desire, whatsoever, to do that. I have the Dark Side Challenge in April, so I'll have to start running again soon, but not this week and not until I'm pain-free.

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